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Several specifialized skills are needed for successful development and due diligence on Utility Scale solar projects. This team has experts in permitting, interconnection agreements, solar financial modeling, solar specific legal document and agreement knowledge, and solar farm design and EPC management all in one group. Thus your due diligence and solar farm development tasks can be performed with one company, instead employing several different contractor groups. Solar Land Partner's clients benefit from our knowledge and experience having being part of 100s of MWs of Utility Scale projects in the US.

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Dr. John Barnes

Dr. John Barnes

President, CEO and Co-founder

Solar Investment ProfessionalsDr. John Barnes is President, CEO and co-founder at Solar Land Partners, Inc.(SLP). Previously he was Principal Partner and co-founder of Solar Power Development Partners LLC, a development services company. Solar developer/investor clients include groups from the US, Spain,Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Korea, and China. Over 450MWs of Utility Scale development projects have teen transacted for JV, or sale at SLP. Prior to that he was the CTO at Solar Power Assets, LLC, a PPA solar provider, and VP of engineering for Ahura Energy, a concentrating solar PV technology company. He is active in California solar legislative, CPUC/CEC programs, and solar policy rulings as a member of the Clean Coalition. His blog “The CA Blog of John Barnes” discusses present policy and programs for Utility Scale solar in CA. Previous to his work for solar companies, he spent over 25 years in semiconductor product development and in hardware/software/systems engineering, producing over 40 volume selling IC’s and boards/software systems with sales at the multi $B level. Past Vice President level positions he has held were Sr. VP of engineering at ConnectCom, VP and GM of graphics at Fujitsu Microelectronics, VP of Technology at National Semiconductor, and VP of Engineering at Weitek. Dr. Barnes also served in Director of Engineering level positions for Cirrus Logic and Motorola. He has 42 technical publications and 3 patents in circuit design and semiconductor process technology. Dr. Barnes holds a PhD from the University of Michigan , a MS from University of California , Berkeley , and a BS from the University of Missouri , Rolla, all in Electrical Engineering.

Solar Land Partners, Inc. employs subject matter esperts in project interconnection application studies, solar system design and performance modeling, county/city permitting, and project investment pro-forma analysis. This group of people has worked together on 100,s of utility scale (2MW-20MW) solar projects since company formation in 2010

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