Larger Solar Farms Submitted into CAISO Cluster for 2018

There are several factors that are making it more probable for new projects being submitted into the annual CAISO cluster application window each march to be larger than in prior years.

  1.  The cost of starting a CAISO cluster application process is $150,000 regardless of size.
  2.  Secondly the time for finishing through the phase I, phase II and final agreement process is the same for all sizes
  3. It is increasingly difficult to find a 70KV line for the old 20MW preferred project that allows a line tap and therefore does not require building a significant local substation
  4. The CA utilities have fulfilled their RPS quotas for several years into the future.

These and other factors make it more prone to start 100-300MW type projects on selected transmission lines where there is a probability of receiving full deliver-ability some years in the future.

We find that now these larger projects are starting to be more prevalent than in the past when the golden size was 20MW on a 69KV transmission line and you might win an annual RPS RFO or RAM RFO with the big three utilities


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