Completing Solar Farm Development Projects and Services

Solar Land Partners, Inc. is a Delaware C-Corp founded in October 2010 to serve the US Utility-Scale market as a developer and development services provider.

As a sole developer, the company has developed from inception 4 2MW ac single-axis solar projects near the city of Wasco, California, and then sold these projects for construction completion to Canadian Solar.

Development services have been provided to either the initial developer or final investment/ownership group for these projects:

  • Two 200MW West Texas solar projects have used SLP development services for system design, interconnection work, and financial modeling. These projects have now completed permitting, and interconnection agreements with ERCOT (LCRA), and are now ready for construction in 2021.
  • System design, permitting work, and financial/output work were completed for a 5MW project in Placer County.
  • System Redesign work was completed for the Interconnection Agreement for a 40MW project in Tulare County.
  • SLP managed and completed the CUP and Negative Declaration permitting work in Tulare County for a 40MW project in 2019-2020.
  • For the 2018 CAISO Cluster 11 SLP developed the initial design and interconnection application for 770MW of projects (3 -200MWs, 30MWs, 40MWs, and 100MWs).
  • 2 -20MW each site were provided permitting and interconnection services for completion in the Barstow, California area. These projects obtained PPAs in 2011 and are operational now.
  • SLP provided initial system design/modeling, interconnection agreement studies, and permitting development services for a 40MW project in Gustine, California now operational in 2019.
  • The first project started in 2010 in partnership with another developer of a 2MW ac project at Putah Creek, California has finished construction and is in operation.
  • 2- 2MW solar projects were provided initial design and complete interconnection agreement services for sites in Petaluma, California. These projects had PPAs with PG&E.
  • SLP performed the initial design effort and subsequent complete interconnection agreement completion for two 1MW projects in the Sonoma area. They acquired a PPA with Sonoma Clean Power and are in operation.
  • A 20MW project near Kettleman, California was provided permitting and interconnection services and is now in operation with a City of Palo Alto PPA.
  • A 1.5MW project was initially designed, and interconnection agreements were signed on a project for construction in Yuba City, California. This project was a recent PG&E Re-MAT PPA winner.
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  • SLP provided the initial design and completed interconnection applications that were signed with PG&E for 6 1.5MW projects that had won PG&E PPA E-SRG contracts in 2011.
  • SLP provided initial development services for a 10MW solar farm near California City, California that completed permitting in 2015 and is now operational.
  • SLP completed the system design for a 20MW project near Patterson, California that has now completed permitting and the interconnection agreement with CAISIO/PG&E. It is scheduled for COD in 2020.
  • Over 50 interconnection applications and initial designs have been contracted for projects in California with PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E, in PJM territory for New Jersey projects, and in National Grid territory for Massachusetts projects and New York state projects.

Contractual agreements with companies such as Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, Samsung Green Energy, S.Power, Macquarie Capital, Borrego Solar, Enerparc, Sullivan Solar, Bellus Solar Energy, Hanergy, and others to find and perform due diligence on finding and securing Utility Scale Projects for acquisition and funding have acquired over 600MW of project portfolio acquisitions since 2012. Projects have been evaluated, and due diligence provided for projects in the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Colorado, Idaho, and Ohio since 2011.